American Tube Amp is a tube-type amplifier design engineering and manufacturing company and an audiophile and music industry product evaluation expert. Our technical expertise lies in the design and handcrafted construction of highly reliable tube amplifiers that yield a low distortion performance and that ensure long tube life. We apply the same rigorous standards that we implement in tube amp design to our product evaluations and recommendations. American Tube Amp is the voice of authority on home stereo and musical instrument tube-type amplifier products and accessories. Our loyalty is to manufacturers who adhere to the same strict standards of quality and high performance equipment components.

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Vintage Inspired, handcrafted vacuum tube amplifiers.
American Tube Amp Stereo Tube Amplifier - Handcrafted in the United States of America.
Stereo Single-Ended KT88 Output Tube Amplifier


American Tube Amp is a tube-type audio amplifier engineering & design company and a high-end component manufacturer. Our audio amplifiers are pristine in sound quality, made in the USA and are designed to greatly enhance your sound system. We have decades of experience in audio, video, data storage and broadcast radio interference engineering as well as custom sound system design. Super-low-noise, pristine quality vacuum tube amplifiers are essential to true high fidelity sound.  We specialize in ‘the perfect amp’ for audio enthusiasts who demand the absolute best in sound quality and component construction.


Our vintage inspired tube amps are meticulously hand assembled and hand wired with American pride, one-at-a-time. Each unit we manufacture is a display of outstanding structural quality and meticulous craftsmanship. It is our purpose to set new standards in high fidelity sound and to raise the definition of the word ‘listenability’ to all time new levels.

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Vacuum tube amplifiers made in the USA have set standards in tube amp technology and sound quality since the early 1920’s. What’s changed of this dynamic in the realm of tube amps in 2021, a century later? Not much. Following this tradition American Tube Amp periodically manufactures by hand custom tube amplifiers and amp sets inspired by certain legendary tube amp models of the past. One such a set was a pair of vintage inspired custom amplifiers fashioned after the classic original EICO HF-60 60 watt monobloc amplifier. Our vintage model inspired designs are true to the original architecture, spirit of invention and sound performance characteristics of the original unit that we are recreating with enhancement.  However our “tribute” tube amps feature significant upgrades and modern improvements in the design and circuitry and boast more optimal vintage components.  This set was offered as our recognition of the iconic HF-60 and as a time capsule of the amp’s notorious powerful and warm sound. READ MORE:


If you don’t think that tube amplifiers are necessarily part of American history and heritage then at least you will confess that the vacuum tube itself was a MAJOR step in history that directly led way to modern electronics of every form. We personally feel that the vacuum tube itself and tube amps made in America have been and will continue to be a very important part of at least one aspect of American history – our sound. American Tube Amp is committed to help carry and elevate the long legacy of American made tube amplifiers.  We also wish to share the origins of this science and craft. READ MORE:

Old fashion wooden-chasis tube amp.


“A very modern design approach to vintage inspired technology.” This was the American Tube Amp mindset when reinventing the single ended stereo tube amp. Our KT88 SE Stereo Amplifier is a very low distortion, zero-feedback amplifier that also prolongs tube life and the useful lifetime of the amplifier itself. READ MORE: