American Tube Amp – reinventing tube-type amplification technology.

Overhead angular view of monobloc - original prototype.
EICO HF-60 Influenced Monobloc

*High power 60 Watt Push-Pull mono amplifier designed to be run in dual mode (two units) with low efficiency speakers or speakers that require much power.

Overhead front view of Type 45 vintage influence power amp.
Vintage Type 45 Stereo Amplifier

*Low power 2 Watt Single-Ended stereo amplifier (airy highs) designed to enhance audio systems with high efficiency speakers (~95dB to 100dB 1W/1M).

Single-Ended KT88 Tube Amplifier

*Medium power 6-8 Watt Single-Ended stereo amplifier with zero feedback designed for medium to high efficiency speakers (~85dB to 100dB dB 1W/1M).